You may think that a ride on tractor is a just a toy but you are wrong as it’s more than just a toy. Ride on Tractors have many benefits and because of this they make the perfect toy for your young child.

Being on a tractor that they can drive themselves will give your child freedom, something which they need at a young age. It will allow them to explore their surroundings and interact with objects they may have not seen before.

Hand and eye co-ordination will be developed as well as those all important motor skills. Because they have to steer the tractor themselves it will enhance their reactions between their brain and hands – this is very important for a young child and will help them for a lifetime. Motor skills are developed because they will have to provide momentum by themselves. Most ride on tractors are pedal powered but some are push along, both of these require input from the driver (your child). Leg strength will also be developed which will aid their walking and ability to stand up for longer periods of time.

Being outside on a tractor will give them access to that all important fresh air! Too many children spend the whole day indoors even when the weather is nice so being outside will do them some good.

If your child takes an interest to tractors it will open up a whole new range of activites and interests. They may become interested in farm animals, the outdoors, manual work – all of these are good for body and mind.

We have saved the best until last, your child will have fun and enjoy themselves!

So what are you waiting for, go ahead and buy your child a toy they will enjoy, have years of pleasure from and will also make them very happy.

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