Falk Ride on Pedal Tractor with Front LoaderAll children love ride on toys and the Falk Ride on Pedal Tractor with Front Loader is no exception. Featuring both a front loader and a back digger this tractor really does have it all. Not only do you get those fully working mechanical devices but you also get a trailer that can be pulled along behind the tractor!

Suitable for children aged between 2 and 5 years this ride on tractor comes in black and yellow. Pedal powered and with anti-slip pedals this ride on is cutting edge in design and technology.

The front loader is controlled with levels in front of the child, and the back digger is operated with a lever on the back of the tractor. The back digger can be used with the trailer so items can be picked up and carried along behind the tractor.

Suitable for use outdoors this ride on tractor will give your child years of enjoyment and is built to last (just like a real tractor)! For more information, reviews and to buy online at the lowest price please use the button below.

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