The Big Pink Tractor And TrailerNow there is a ride on tractor for girls! The Big Pink Tractor and Trailer is a chain driven large tractor with some great features. Great fun in the garden, this tractor has a front scoop and a detachable trailer which can be towed around.

Pick up items in the scoop and then load them into the trailer, hitch the trailer to the back of the tractor and away you go! Features include anti-slip pedals for greater safety, rear hitch pin to allow other trailers to be used and an opening bonnet. The front loader can be tipped, scooped and released giving this tractor another dimension of fun.

In recent years there have been many accessories and trailers released that can be used with these ride on tractors. Ideal for girls is the Big Pony Trailer which has a pony that can be pulled behind your tractor. This product is suitable for children aged 2.5 years and up

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