Timber Trailer Green & 5 LogsThe Timber Trailer Green & 5 Logs is compatible with all large Rolly Ride on Tractors. With a twin axle giving great weight distribution and large wheels this trailer can be towed across any terrain.

The great thing about this Green trailer is that it comes complete with 5 logs which can be loaded or unloaded from the trailer. Playing with the Timber Trailer is great fun and will give endless hours of entertainment. Simply hitch the trailer to the back of a Rolly Tractor and pedal away!

When you want to offload the logs simply park up your ride on tractor and use the tipping feature on the trailer to let the logs fall out safely. Suitable for children of any age.

This trailer is just one of many products and accessories available for the Rolly range of Ride on tractors. For more information, reviews and to buy the Timber Trailer Green & 5 Logs online at the lowest price please use the buy button.

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